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UAC Hi quality parts for Hi capa

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

UAC MS 2t 2UAC MC blk

UAC MS sil

Superb new slides from UAC, as good as anything on the market, high quality CNC aluminium only £52.00 each, see slide section.

Please be aware, the low cost of these slides, does not mean that there have been any cost cutting, in fact the opposite, these slides are built to very tight tolerance's, so the fit of the sights, the BBU and the fit to a frame are tight. Some work will be required to make them run smoothly on a TM frame. If you have never fitted a slide to a TM Hi capa before. Please ask for assistance from me or another person who has had experience of fitting slides?

UAC 6.01mm

NEW, UAC 6.01mm tight bore barrels, fantastic quality and terrific value, 97 mm 4 inch, 112 mm 5 inch, 138mm 6 inch and 162.5 mm 7 inch all £15.00 each

Perfect for IPSC (action air) suitable for skirmishing, but you must use high quality BB's and the fps may be too high for your sight limit, If you are unsure stay with a 6.02 or 6.03mm

UAC LW rearUAC ultra light weight alloy rear sight for the 5.1 Hi Capa, slightly oversized for a perfect fit in alloy slides (may need to be filed a little) includeds steel screws,and has 2 grub screws so that the sight can be locked in plac on the slide £51.00 It will of course accept the UAC Tritium day and night rear or the fibre optic otion.


UAC hop base Advanced hop base from UAC, 7075 aircraft quality aluminium, the hop wheel is locked in position, the movement between the hop unit and the frame is adjustable for a perfect fit. £43.00 inc a steel hop arm.

UAC outer sil

UAC G outer 4

UAC outer black

TK 1 t

UAC steel outers black, silver or gold £62.00, threaded to accept a 14 mm CW or CCW adapter. OUT OF STOCK OF SILVER

UAC spiral outers

UAC 5.1 outer barrels with spiral flutes, silver £78.00 Not threaded. Both in stock

UAC 4.3 flute

UAC 4.3 steel outer barrels fluted, gold or silver £69.00 Not threaded. Gold only special price £49.00

Please note the silencer adapters are not included in the price of a barrel

UAC thread ringUAC gold adpUAC stainless steel silence adapter, silver, black or gold with protective cover -14mm (counter clockwise)£20.00 OUT OF STOCK OF BLACK

With care these can be put onto a std TM plastic barrel, it will cut it's own thread

All the above barrels have a modified lug, so it does not drop when the slide moves backwards, so there is less movement between the barrel and slide, thus improving accuracy and reliabilty.

UAC discUAC stainless steel competition disconnector for Hi Capa £13.00

UAC knocker lockUAC stainless steel knocker lock for Hi capa £12.00 spring not included, available at £3.00 for 2.

UAC hopNew the UAC hop rubber, hardness rating 70, perfect for modified higher power pistol's and any one using heavier BB's £7.00

UAC RoutersUAC Improved gas routers, for Hi Capa magazines sit higher in the magazines, so giving a better seal with the loading nozzle. £5.00 each. Not designed for the 50 rd magazine, but can be fitted with a bit of work?

UAC shok buffUAC Shock Buffers with steel washers, help to absorb recoil, and or act as a short stroke kit. you get 3 of each buffer, the yellow is 40% hard, the green is 60% and the blue 80% so by mixing and matching you can get exactly the effect you want £11.00

UAC BB unitUAC BB unit blk

Ultra lightweight blow back unit, for faster cycling £32.00 OUT OF STOCK, NO INCOMING DATE

UAC o ringSet of spare O rings for UAC L/W BB unit £3.00(5)

UAC nozzleAluminium loading nozzle, very consistant gas flow, and virtually unbreakable £53.00 (note the nozzle is not supplied with any internal parts, you use your existing ones)

UAC blockerAluminium valve blocker for UAC alloy loading nozzle, inc screw £18.00, nozzle not included

UAC floating valveAluminium floating valve, for use in Hi Capa loading nozzles, ver 2, stronger then the original £12.00.

UAC KN springUAC Knocker lock spring, TM part H51-51, 2 pieces £3.00

UAC sightUAC Day and night sight for TM Hi Capa 5.1, a very bright F/O sight set, uses real fibre optic, not just a plastic rod, inc green elements now with Trituim inserts for true night time use £58.00 OUT OF STOCK

UAC front

UAC 2mm front real fibre optic sight inc red and green inserts, £15.00

UAC R plate 1UAC R plate 2

New UAC rear plate with F/O rods, fits onto your existing Hi Capa rear sight £21.00 TM rear sight not included

UAC FOReal Fibre optic rods, not just a piece of plastic, very bright even when cut to fit your sight, red or green £3.00 for 2 (same colour) Green 1.5mm x 50mm Red 1.5 mm x 50mm

UAC NSUprated 125% nozzle spring, for faster and consisent operation £3.00

UAC coversUAC open coversUAC alloy slide covers, for std or open style slides, black or silver £11.00 each,

See the hammer section for a range of UAC hammers from £29.00

UAC hammers 2uac strut


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