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AKA 3h sAKA 3h sAKA 3t shortAKA 3t l3h t goldTri t gTri trig blkTrig 8

AKA triggers, 3 hole short or long, 3 triangle short or long all £10.00 no bow, black or gold versions £14.00 Gold/black in long versions only

Puzz blkpuzz silPuzz Gpuz semi sil

Pro handgun puzzle triggers. £24.00

all have interchangable front shaped trigger, the most popular is the std curve, or the semi flat, this keeps the pad of the trigger finger on the centre of the trigger. In stock, black, silver and gold, other colours to order, approx 1 week.


Alloy Triggers

Alloy triggers for TM 1911/MEU or Hi Capa 5.1 & 4.3 and TM 1911/MEU's, use your existing trigger bow

Elite steel trigger Bow, for TM Hi Capa £5.00

All of the above triggers have overtravel adjustment screws.


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