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AKA 3h sAKA 3h sAKA 3t shortAKA 3t l3h t goldTri t gTri trig blkTrig 8

AKA triggers, 3 hole short or long, 3 triangle short or long all £10.00 no bow, black or gold versions £14.00 Gold/black in long versions only

Puzz blkpuzz silPuzz GPuz semi

Pro handgun puzzle triggers. £24.00

All have interchangable front shaped trigger, the most popular is the std curve. In stock, black, silver and gold, other colours to order, approx 1 week. also in stock the semi curved, Brian Enos style.


Alloy Triggers

Alloy triggers for TM 1911/MEU or Hi Capa 5.1 & 4.3 and TM 1911/MEU's, use your existing trigger bow

Elite steel trigger Bow, for TM Hi Capa £5.00

All of the above triggers have overtravel adjustment screws.


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