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TM slides etc

Original Tokyo Marui Frames, slides and outer barrels.

All original TM ABS (plastic) frames and slides. Please note that the Hi Capa frames are alloy. any marks that you may see on any slide or frame are oil or lube. this will wipe off. All outer barrels are the original TM plastic ones.

5.1 slide bkHi Capa 5.1 slide black £16.00, also in silver £21.00

TM sil slide

TM 4.3 slTM 4.3 dual stainless ABS slide 1 only £23.00

DW frame 2TM Desert Warrior frame and rail, 1 only £16.00

DW frame NRFoliage Warrior frame no rail green £8.00,

MEU frameMEU frame black £8.00, only 1 left

NW frame NRNight Warrior frame no rail, dark grey £8.00

5.1 frameHi Capa 5.1 alloy frame black alloy £35.00, include side plate and screw. OUT OF STOCK

5.1 silver frameHi Cap 5.1 alloy frame silver alloy £35.00, include side plate and screw. OUT OF STOCK

5.1 outerHi Capa 5.1 outer £10.00

4.3 outer ABSHi Capa 4.3 outer £10.00, or black also £10.00

1911 outerM1911 outer P H markings £10.00

detonics outerDetonics outer, will also fit Strike Warrior £10.00

NW black outerMEU outer, will also fit Night Warrior £10.00, will also fit the TM 1911,s and accept the Tanio Koba silencer adapter.

Please note that although all of the above are new, they are parts left over from custom and project guns that I have built, hence the low price, If I do not have what you want in stock, I can order them from TM in Japan, delivery is approx 4-6 weeks, but please note the cost will be more, the average slide is £25.00 and an MEU/1911 style frame £25.00


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