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SIL 4.3bio silencercer

WE adp 4Also in stock the WE silencer adapter (14mm cw)£5.00 this will only fit a barrel with internal threading, like the Elite or UAC from £34.00

Tanio Koba One Touch Silencer Adapter,

NOW for TM MEU, Night Warrior, Desert Warrior, Foliage Green Warrior, Hi Capa 5.1 and Hi Capa 4.3, (but not the TM 1911's)

This adapter allows you to use silencers on your Tokyo Marui gas blow back pistol plastic outer barrels (they are designed to cut their own thread). They will fit some other pistols, but you may need to modify the guns outer barrel. They will also fit Tanio Koba alloy barrels with a thread, and most WE metal outer barrels, as long as they have the thread cut into them.

Price: £12.00p note the outer thread that accepts the silencer is 14mm positive CW (clockwise) BACK IN STOCK

Light weight Bio silencer 130mm x 30 mm has both 14mm CW and 14mm CCW theads £14.00


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