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Red dot sight mounts

AIP 90 mtAIP 90 mount

aipAIP 90 degree mount for a C more, gives a really low dot for better dot acquisition, black or silver £29.00 OUT OF STOCK

AD 90 SilverAD 90 black

Easy fit mount for C more at 90 degree, puts the dot as low as possible, no drilling £42.00

All the mounts below will take the C more style sight, and or can be trimmed and drilled to take the G&G mini dot, silver only, same price.

SVI bt black

SVI Style C more mount, Black £42.00 black only

1 arm c more mtSVI single arm C more mounts £39.00 Silver only

Limcat mountLimcat mt blk

Limcat style mount built in blast deflector silver or black with thumb rest £35.00


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