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Blk C moreNew Race 3

Red dot sights

For Hi Capa, etc most pistols will also require a mount or rail attachment. Comes with Ris rail or this can be removed and the sight fiited to a custom slide ride mount.

blk C moreGrey c more


Replica C More red dot Sight

Although the best red dot sight you can buy, it is a bit of overkill for airsoft. So we can now offer a Chinese replica C more. This is a bright sight and very well made. Black or grey

Price £59.00,















































G&G mini








G&G mini red dot sight, Mini, with 5 brightness settings and off switch, £45.00

Dr plateSilverback plate for mounting a Dr style sight onto a 5.1 hi capa £16.00, can also be fitted to the G&G sights.



















































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