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Red dot sights

For Hi Capa, etc most pistols will also require a mount or rail attachment. Comes with Ris rail or this can be removed and the sight fiited to a custom slide ride mount.

minidot 1

Shield Minisight, not a Chinese or Hong Kong clone, this is the real thing, currently in use, with US, New Zealand and Australian special forces. as well as many UK units and police forces worldwide. its smaller then the competition only weighs 14g, is incredibly tough, it will handle the recoil of just about any pistol or rifle you can name. £179.00 mounts for std RIS rails £16.00, HI Capa plate £19.00, no drill mount for Hi capa or 1911 etc £34.00

blk C moreGrey c more 4Blue C more

Replica C More red dot Sight

Although the best red dot sight you can buy, it is a bit of overkill for airsoft. So we can now offer a Chinese replica C more. This is as bright as the real thing and very well made. great value for only. Black, grey or blue

Price £49.00,

Pan sight

Panorama red dot

Great value bright red dot sight, adjstable brightness, with 4 reticle patterns, fits all RIS type rails




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