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Red dot sights

For Hi Capa, etc most pistols will also require a mount or rail attachment. Comes with Ris rail or this can be removed and the sight fitted to a custom slide ride mount.

Replica C More red dot Sight

Although the best red dot sight you can buy, it is a bit of overkill for airsoft. So we can now offer a Chinese replica C more. This is sight has a bright and sharp dot, and very well made. Black only

C more shadeC more 56C more shade 2


Price £53.00, as shown supplied with a blast protector and sun shield, both removable. OUT OF STOCK

SH pan

Panorama red dot sight, very bright, variable brightness level, 4 reticle designs, with RIS fitting £15.00














































G&G mini








G&G mini red dot sight, Mini, with 5 brightness settings and off switch, £49.00

Dr plateSilverback plate for mounting a Dr style sight onto a 5.1 hi capa £19.00, can also be fitted to the G&G sights. Please note, there are many versions of this kind of sight, depending on the brand and original source, you may need to modify the plate to take your particular sight. Usually, this is just a question of sanding down the location studs on the top of the plate.

Sorry but these plates will only be sold with the G&G mini.


Please note, the above sights are guaranteed for 12 months



















































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