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Pro Blk sl outers

Pro Steel Outer Barrels

Metal outer barrel for TM Hi Capa 5.1 . Strongly recommended for use with an alloy slide.

Pro Steel silver only, 5 inch outer barrel for TM Hi Capa, this superb barrel has a modified lug, so it does not drop when the slide moves backwards, so there is less movement between the barrel and slide, thus improving accuracy and reliabilty.

£59.00, silver only, Black Cerakoted barrels £70.00

CM g outer

CS heavy alloy 5.1 outer barrel gold £34.00


Please note these barrel's should just drop into your pistol, but sometimes some fitting may be required, so if you are buying one and intend to fit it yourself, please be aware that you will have to file or do some other work to your barrels and possibly slide, If in doubt then get a competent gunsmith to fit it for you. BACK IN STOCK


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