Gas Pistol Parts.

Alloy slides for TM Hi Capa 5.1, 1911 and MEU. Note a Hi Cap 5.1 slide will fit a 4.3, It will also look a little odd, and you will require a 5.1 rear sight, outer barrel, longer recoil rod etc. You will also need these parts to use a 5.1 slide on an 1911/MEU.

5.1 4.3

All our slides are high quality aluminium CNC'd from Prohandgun, Airsoft Masterpiece or Airsoft Surgeon.

Inf flu 2t 1Inf flu 2t 2

Inf f blk 1Inf blk flu 3

Inf flu sil 1Inf flu sil 2

Infinity fluted 5.1, 2 tone, silver, or black £65.00,

Inf Eagle blk 3

Black Infinity eagle £65.00

WC slot 2t 1WC sdlot 2t 3

Wildcat .40 2 tone slide £65.00

Limcat cust blk 1Limcat cust blk 2

Limcat custom 2t 1Limcat custom 2t 2

LC cust sil 1LC cust sil 2

Limcat Custom, 2 tone, black or all silver £65.00

Inf XXX 2t 1Inf XXX2t 2

Inf XXX BLK 1Inf XXX blk 2

Inf XXX sil 1Inf XXX sil 2

New Infinity XXX black, silver or 2 tone £65.00

tri blk 1tri blk 2


Triangle cut away, black £45.00 note outer barrel is not included

Sh ext blk 4Sh ext blk 78

Shuey Custom Xtreme black only £45.00

Shuey ltd blk 1

Shuey Custom IPSC Ltd, black, £65.00

Blk STI c 34blk sti c 24

sti 2t custom 1STI custom 2t 2

STI Custom 5 inch 2 tone or black £65.00

All slides for Hi Capa 5.1 now only £65.00, unless stated otherwise.

Please note that any of the above slides can be supplied in blue, red, purple, gold, Gun metal (dark grey) green etc, at extra cost usually around £12.00

Airsoft Surgeon and Prohandgun (Above)

Possibly the finest alloy slide available for the Hi Capa 5.1 series pistols, these are available in black, two tone and silver finish's. These are only some of the styles available. If the one you want is not shown, please contact us for availability.

Prohandgun, Perfect sight style slides

Cap hy PF sil 1Cap hy PF sil 2

Capsicum silver


Cap 2 t hy PFCap 2t hy

Infinity Capsicum 2 tone

Cap PF blk 1Cap PF blk 2

Capsicum black

Inf flu tit 1Inf flu tit 2

Infinity fluted titanium or black

Airsoft Masterpiece CNC alloy slides with a steel gold finished hybrid outer barrel, they are called perfect sight slides, because the front sight is mounted on the barrel and not the slide, so it does not move when the gun is fired. £135.00, special price, only 1 of each

Please note these slides, above are all CNC machined and should fit the pistol without any fitting, but please be aware that you may have to file or do some other work to your frame and possibly outer barrel, If in doubt then get a competent gunsmith to fit it for you.

TM rails

TM frames are cast, so you may need to gently file, the areas shown, (green arrows) were casting marks are sometimes present, this is just a few strokes with a fine file, not major work?



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