Gas Pistol Parts...


AIP blk catchAIP sil catch

AIP extended mag catch for Hi capa, black or silver, £22.00


Pro High Quality, steel controls for Hi Capa, will not wear or bend like soft alloy parts.

pro as silPro AS black

STI blk ambiWilson sil ambiNova ex l 1Nova ex l 2

STI style black or silver or Wilson style black or silver

Pro steel safety set,silver or black £49.00,

New Nova stainless steel extra wide thumb safety set, £65.00

Pro BTGB gold bt

Pro steel grip safety silver or black.

£49.00, gold £59.00

Pro McGB gold catch

Pro stainless steel mag catch, black or silver

£35.00, gold £38.00

AKA slide stopPro ss blk 32gb gold stop

Pro Stainless steel slide stop,

£32.00 silver or black, Gold £38.00

NB ext SS silNB ext ss blk

Nine Ball extended slide stop black or silver £29.00

NB ambi blkNB ambi silNine Ball extended ambidextous safety's black or silver. £42.00






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