Gas Pistol Parts...

Pro blk MW 1Pro blk MW 2Pro sil MW 1Pro sil MW 2

STI black and Silver STI £29.00

AIP styles below

aip mw 1aipmw 2

AIP type 1, AIP type 2, AIP type 3, Type 1 & 2 silver only, £19.00

blk wedgeBW magwell

AIP wedge, now only in black. Blue AIP magwell £15.00, only 1, out of stock of red.

Elite Custom Magazine Well's

A custom magazine wells are perfect copies of the STI/SVI magazine wells and can seriously speed up your reload time by enhancing your ability to get the magazine aligned correctly. These will fit the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa series of guns and are available in silver, black as shown above.


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