Gas Pistol Parts...

Cowcow Technology! formally UAC

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

CCT BBUCCT bbu blkNew CCT L/W BBU 17g, silver or black, with a ventilated piston, supplied with 3 different size o rings, so depening on the loading nozzle you use, you can get the optimum performance. £36.00 spare pack of 3 o rings £3.00

CCT 180

CCT ultra loading nozzle spring 180%, should solve any sticking loading nozzle problem £4.00

NEW CCT (Cowcow Technology) steel outer barrels


CCT 40

CCT is a new company started by an ex UAC partner, these steel outer barrels are the non dropping or locked style, superbly engineered in black, gold or silver £55.00 each, the matching thread adapters, - 14 mm counter clockwise are £17.00 each.

I have them with .45 ACP markings or .40 S&W

All the above barrels have a modified lug, so it does not drop when the slide moves backwards, so there is less movement between the barrel and slide, thus improving accuracy and reliability.

CCT rodsCCT steel guide rods, for 5.1 or 4.3 Hi Capa's. each is supplied with 3 different strength springs, so you can set the exact amount of felt recoil you want, also acts as a variable short stroke buffer, gold or black ( silver coming) £29.00

CCT base's

New CCT dottac alloy magazine base's, held in place with a steel pin and locking screw, customise them by filling in the dots with a No or your initial etc, £18.00, red, gold, black or silver

CCT FO sightsProbably the brightest fibre optic front sights ever, red or green, with a triangular rear element, for precise aiming. Also has locking screws, so as long as you tighten them with a dab of thread lock, you are less likely to loose one? £19.00

 buffersShort stroke buffer set, 4 pairs of buffers, each a different hardness, so you can fine tune the effect £11.00

CCT hopcct hop 2CCT hop bucking set, unsure about exactly which hardness of hop you should use, then this CCT set of 3 hop rubbers will help, all 3 for £11.00 manufactured of high quality anti-oil rubber material. It can prevent swelling, scratch and during heavy usage. Its re-designed entrance shape can better fit with nozzle movement to prevent jamming. Flared chamber allows BB feeding much smoother. There are 3 levels of hardness (50°White/60°Red/70°Black) in a package. Those options are able to enhance different level of spin velocity (70° Low / 60° Middle / 50° High)