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Red dot scope mount's

Adepot SR blkAdepot SR silverA Depot slide ride mount for C more sights with thumb rest (removable) £42.00 both in stock

AD 90 mountsA Depot 90 degree C more mounts for Hi Capa, std screw mounting £45.00

AD mount2

And if you would rather not drill holes in your expensive frame, the new A Depot 90 degree C more mount, just bolts into the slide stop hole? £48.00. and unlike a lot of these mounts, the screws holding the sight in place are concealed. If you shoot IPSC open class, and want the fastest way to aquire a red dot on the target, then you need to get the dot as low as possible, then you must have a 90 degree mount, looks odd, but works superbly, also in black.

J mt goldAD mt silver 5J mount, no drilling to fit Hi Capa or 1911, accepts most Mini dot sights, some fitting may be required £61.00, gold or silver only. Adapter plates for Dr sight's, RMR etc £7.00

AW sight mountAW ss mountAW sight mount, with RIS rail, so will take any red dot sight with a RIS fitting, £15.00 frame needs to be drilled both sides, or a single sided version £10.00


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