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Red dot scope mount's

C more SR mtElite J mtEasy fit (no drilling) C more slide mount, inc removable blast shield, Silver only, black to follow, £35.00 Version for G&G mini sight (will also accept J sight, Tasco mini dot and Shield sight) soon.





Adepot SR blkAdepot SR silverA Depot slide ride mount for C more sights with thumb rest (removable) £42.00 OUT OF STOCK

AD 90 mountsA Depot 90 degree C more mounts for Hi Capa, std screw mounting £45.00 silver only in stock

AD 90 SS silAD 90 ND silA Depot 90 degree C more mount, no drilling required, these mounts locate very securley by using the hole in the frame where the slide stop usually goes. You will of course lose the slide lock function, but an in IPSC, its not needed, nor if you skirmish and avoid the "dead mans click" Black only in stock £43.00

ASD mt sil on open

ST mt and PanTraditional STI sight mount, black or silver, will take any sight with a RIS rail £19.00


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