Speedsec 6 Holster, Back in stock

H&S Speedsec 6 IPSC competition style holster An excellent holster of high quality for the fastest draw. This holster is unusual, in that it will accept, M1911/MEU, Hi Capa, 4.3 and 5.1, all Glock's, Sig P226. CZ75, CZ SP01, Tangfoglio Gold, P9 and many others. By changing various spacers etc, all of which are supplied with the holster) The SS6 is fully adjustable for height, rake, angle and pistol retention. designed to take compact and 5 inch pistols, but will take up to 7 inch,

Price SS6 £69.00

Can also be switched to L/H use

Please note that virtually all holsters, are made to accept real guns, most airsoft guns a little bigger then the real thing, so you may need to modify the holster a little to get a perfect fit, The SS6 will accept TM 1911/MEU, Hi capa's and glock's without any problem.

The Speedsec 6 will also, accept Umerex CO2, Colt 1911 and CP88's


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