SS4 3D

Speedsec 4 Holster,

H&S Speedsec 4 holster An excellent holster of high quality for the fastest draw. This holster is specifically made for TM Hi Capa, 5.1, and M1911/MEU, pistols. Although they may also take other brands. SS4 3D is fully adjustable for height, rake, angle and pistol retention.

Price SS4 3D R/H, £29.00

Please note all H&S holsters are designed to fit belts up to 1.75 inch or 35mm, and not 2 inch miltary belts.

Please note that the Speedsec 4 will not take the Hi Capa 4.3, It can be adapted by using a heat gun to soften the holster at the lower end, then putting the gun into the holster, and letting it harden. However you do this at your own risk? I do not accept any responsibility for either the holster or gun.


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