Fobus pouch paddle

FOBUS Magazine Pouch

Fobus magazine pouches, available to fit almost any magazine size and are able to handle 2 magazines .There are 2 versions, the 4500 which will take 1911 magazines, the 6900 takes Glock, USP, Hi capa mags etc, The belt clip will accommodate any size belt from 1" to 2" belts. They all hold the magagzine securly, but like any open top pouch, it is possible for a mag to fall out under extreme movement or shock.

New Fobus pouch's (on the left) with paddle fitting and adjustable rake, 2 models in stock 4500 for 1911/MEU mags, and the 6900, for Hi Capa and Glock mags, Please note theses new 6900 pouches hold the mags very very tightly, If they are to tight for you, gently heating with a heat gun will allow them to stretch a little. However I accept no liability if you damage the pouch or cannot get the mags to fit

6900 special price £5.00 each

SOLD OUT OF the 4500 version


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