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To the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa store.

We try to stock anything that you will need for this great pistol, we specialise in Airsoft gas blow back pistols, in fact to the point where. we stock and sell parts and upgrade parts for the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa's. and some MEU/1911's. We also specialise in practical pistol shooting (AIPSC and IPSC).


This site is updated almost daily so there is always something new.

Tel 07816 992417

Elite Custom Pistols,

All Elite Custom pistols are based upon TM guns, Hi Capa 5.1 & 4.3. All are hand built by Mike Cripps, using the TM donor gun plus parts and accessories from the best manufactures of aftermarket parts that are available, Prohandgun, Nova, Shooters Design, Airsoft Surgeon, AIP, PDI, Nine Ball etc. The pistols shown are just a sample of what I can build for you.

All custom pistols are guaranteed parts and labour for 1 year

2t caps 1Limcat 42t gold 5.1DS open 2

Due to an overwhelming demand for our custom Hi Capa pistols. We only stock and sell parts and accessories, for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 and most for the 4.3. Although from time to time I may have some TM M1911, or MEU's.This means, I only stock and sell the guns shown on this website and parts and accessories for them.

It is possible that some Tokyo Marui parts and parts designed for TM pistols will fit and work, in WE & KJW etc, but I do not guarantee that they will fit or work. You buy them at YOUR RISK, I will not accept them back if they do not fit or work correctly.

Overseas sales, I can ship outside the UK, as long as your local law's allow the importation of airsoft accesories and parts. Email me for a quotation. Please note that you may be liable for local tax and or duty. Int telephone no 00447816 992417

Please note, from the 1st week of March 2015, I will be able to resume exporting custom pistols to Europe.

Important Announcements.

Please be aware that I only sell, build or service Tokyo Marui, Hi Capa pistols, if you have a non TM pistol, or AEG etc, and need parts or servicing, please contact Phil, at

NOW in stock STI Open class DVC slides in stock, In stock now.

DVC open bg 1DVC open sil 1

DVC open 2t 1DVC open blk 1

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New design STI, open slide, frame and compensator sets.


Special price, a few only Tokyo Marui 4.3 Hi capa mags, will also fit 5.1, black or silver

4.3 sil mag43 mag blk£19.00 each Brand new, usually £25.00 each

Available now.

Elite CNC alloy grips

Elite CNC blkRTB grips

IN STOCK NOW £115.00

Elite Custom alloy CNC grips for Hi capa, these new grips have the perfect shape for a comfortable non slip grip, black, silver, titanium red and blue, other colours to order. Choice of SVI or STI logo.


SAI 1 blkSAI sil 2SAI ST blk 2

Sailent Arms International, slide and matching barrel £147.00 for Hi Capa 5.1 and also with a sight tracker barrel.£199.00

NEW coming soon,






Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.



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