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Welcome...Matt RWB 2

To the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa store.

We try to stock anything that you will need for this great pistol, we specialise in Airsoft gas blow back pistols, in fact to the point where we only stock and sell parts and upgrade parts for the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa's. We also specialise in practical pistol shooting (AIPSC and IPSC).

Please note we will be closed from Sat 13th Sept, until Monday 29th Sept, I am able to send out orders until 2pm on Friday 12th! I will still answer emails during that time, but it may be a day or so before I reply!


We have everything you could possibly need, no matter if you are an airsoft skirmisher, or a practical pistol shooter seeking a specialy modified pistol for your sporting pursuits, we are happy to accomodate your needs.

Please take a moment to review our anouncements below before you continue.

This site is updated almost daily so there is allways something new.

Elite Custom Pistols,

All Elite Custom pistols are based upon TM guns, Hi Capa 5.1 & 4.3. All are hand built by Mike Cripps, using the TM donor gun plus parts and accessories from the best manufactures of aftermarket parts that are available, Prohandgun, Nova, Shooters Design, Airsoft Surgeon, AIP, PDI, Nine Ball etc. The pistols shown are just a sample of what I can build for you.

A custom Pistol can be a 5.1 Hi Capa with an uprated hop and barrel from £169.00, or I can build you a gun with every bell and whistle that's available for £2000.00, and anywhere in between!

Barts testMr Bart Verwijst of the Netherlands, has recently taken delivery of one of my custom pistols, this is a 13 shot group, shot at 10m with precision 0.25 BB's, the centre ring is 7 cm wide, indoor at 23c, the pistol, was fitted with a 6 inch 6.01mm barrel, Nine Ball hop rubber, AIP loading nozzle and an AIP lightweight blow back unit.

All custom pistols are guaranteed parts and labour for 1 year

2t caps 1Limcat 42t gold 5.1

Due to an overwhelming demand for our custom Hi Capa pistols. We only stock and sell parts and accessories, for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 and most for the 4.3. Although from time to time I may have some TM M1911, or MEU's.This means, I only stock and sell the guns shown on this website and parts and accessories for them.

It is possible that some Tokyo Marui parts and parts designed for TM pistols will fit and work, in WE & KJW etc, but I do not guarantee that they will fit or work. You buy them at YOUR RISK, I will not accept them back if they do not fit or work correctly.


Overseas sales, I can ship outside the UK, as long as your local law's allow the importation of airsoft guns and parts. Email me for a quotation. Please note that you may be liable for local tax and or duty. Int telephone no 00447816 992417

Please note I can only export airsoft guns with express couriers to most countrys, small items will be sent by express airmail.

I have supplied my custom pistols to customers in the, USA, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Finland, France, Norway, Romania, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia, The Netherlands and Malta.

Important Announcements.

Please be aware that I only sell, build or service Tokyo Marui, Hi Capa pistols, if you have a non TM pistol, or AEG etc, and need parts or servicing, please contact Phil, at






Lev 1 67silver 5.1

Elite Custom Hi Capa 5.1,all black or silver, fitted with Elite inner barrel, Nineball hop rubber, AIP uprated loading nozzle, and a BB loader. Also inc uprated recoil spring (not shown)Ready to go £145.00, save £42.00, or with a CNC alloy slide £200.00, save £52.00. you choose which slide from my stock priced at £65.00

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Opening times and ordering

Please note: You can only order from us by phone: 07816 992417 or email me at

I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and most debit cards, personal chg's (subject to clearance) Postal orders (chg's and PO's payable to M Cripps) Paypal: There will be an additional charge for Paypal of 4% our Paypal account is and of course cash.

All price's inc vat @ 20%, postage is extra

Carriage charges: Small items, accessories etc are sent by Royal Mail special delivery, usually next day, at costs of £2.00 to approximately £10.00 depending on weight. Pistols are sent by next day courier or Royal Mail 1st class(not guaranteed) at a charge of £10.00, up to 2 kilo, over 2 kilo, up to 5 kilo, or with gas included, they will be sent with Parcelforce 24 hour service @ £16.00

Due to the increase in postal charges, effective from 02/04/13. I am sorry, but I must now make a minimum postal charge of £2.00 for small items 1st class post, and £4.00 for any order, with recorderd delivery 1st class. The cost of sending even a small packet has increased by 20%

Please note: Gas can ONLY be sent by courier min charge £12.00 even for 1 can, So order several or mix with BB's etc.

Please note: Prices may change frequently due to fluctuating exchange rates and fuel surcharges!

All fps figures are approximate and will vary from batch to batch and gun to gun. Please treat any stated FPS as a guide only.

Please note all new or custom Tokyo Marui pistols are guaranteed for 1 year (unless otherwise stated ) However if you use propane with any gun then you invalidate the guarantee

Opening times, Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday Closed, visitors by appointment only, Sunday and bank holidays closed. But this is not guaranteed, so please always telephone first .Other times by appointment only. Note that if you are traveling to visit, please telephone first to ensure that I am open, and that I have what you want in stock. If you just turn up you may be disappointed.

Elite Shooting Centre (ESC) guarantee, 2004-2014. See under contact.


The Violent Crime Reduction bill (VCR act) now limits those who can legitimately be sold Airsoft Pistols and Rifles, but NOT consumables like BB's, Gas, or Accessories. Spares and upgraded parts are also exempt.

There are three types of people who can now legitimately be sold Rifles and Pistols.

Registered Skirmishers.

Theatre, Film & Television Companies, Or individuals who have a requirement for the use of a replica firearm to be used in media production

Members of Military re-enactment groups.

Skirmishers must be a member of a Skirmish site with insurance cover for skirmish activities. If in doubt, check with your site organizer. To purchase you will need to supply details of the site including your membership number. This will then be verified BEFORE your order can be dispatched. for the sake of clarity you do NOT need a UKARA membership number. If you site is part of the UKARA network that is fine, but NOT mandatory.

Theatre and Television groups will need to supply written confirmation of their status. Details will be verified BEFORE goods can be dispatched.

Members of Military re-enactment groups or society's will need to supply written confirmation of their status. Details will be verified BEFORE goods can be dispatched. Note it is still possible for any one over 18 to purchase an airsoft pistol or rifle, who is not covered by any of the above, however it will then have to be bright red, blue, green, yellow or purple. ESC can supply most, but not all of the guns we sell painted to comply, this is at extra cost usually £10.00.

Elite Shooting Centre is a member of UKARA, (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association)